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Italian Wax
Italian Wax
Italian Wax
Italian Wax

Italian Wax

Pure & Original

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Pure and Original Italian Wax is a natural transparent wax that deepens the colors and shades, and makes the surface splash waterproof after two layers.  After applying, rub the surface with a clean and dry cotton cloth. This gives the wax a super shiny effect and makes the surface, after two layers, water-repellent. After drying and without polishing, the wax will be very matte.

Italian Wax is polishable to a high gloss, water resistant, 0% VOC, natural product, easy to clean, & easy to apply.

Applicable to untreated wood, mineral substrates like porous stone, lime paint, chalk-based paint, Marrakech Walls, lime plaster, cement & concrete substrates.

    Product size options

    1. 750 ml / 25.4 fl oz
      Average coverage 250 ft2
    2. 250 ml / 8.5 fl oz
      Average coverage 83 ft2
      Click Here for wall application video